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Nikki Lewis is an accomplished leader with extensive knowledge in pharmaceutics, healthcare leadership, and regulatory compliance.

Over the course of her career, she’s advanced clinician collaboration at which produced outstanding results and breakthrough patient outcomes. She takes pride in building a collaborative relationship with fellow colleagues and clinicians.  She’s successfully led healthcare teams, mentored & coached numerous professionals, and is highly respected and trusted by fellow colleagues, clinicians, and patients.  She knows that healthcare collaboration contributes to solid medication management and advancements in patient adherence and compliance. 

Her passion for driving results and process improvement has led her to the creation of inPHARM Consulting.  She is determined to continue to help bridge the gap and create a more inclusive and collaborative methodology of medication management through a clinician-pharmacist partnership.  She is committed to her mission; optimization of patient drug therapy, safeguarding medication use, and lastly healthcare cost-savings!

Nikki Lewis, PharmD, MBA


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